Trauma is at the heart of news and as we become more aware of the impact of covering traumatic events can have on journalists, photographers, crew and other media staff.
There's a growing body of information on how best to report on traumatic events and how to help journalists better deal with the grief and distress that comes from reporting on those stories.

Click here to watch our recent online forum: Trauma Journalism on the Pandemic's Frontlines, with BBC's Nicola Careem, The Telegraph's Joe Wallen and academic Surekha Deepak.
The Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma -- which is a project of Columbia University's Journalism School -- has produced some useful, peer-supported material that members may find helpful. Here's a good place to start:
Self care and Peer Support for Journalists During a Global Pandemic
Tips on Reporting on Pandemics
Tips for News Managers: Covering Pandemics
Reporting on coronavirus: handling sensitive remote interviews